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metal slug 4 update


iPhone / Android application “METAL SLUG DEFENSE”

sets a new record with over 7 million downloads worldwide!

plus a new update with additional stages, units, features and much more!


“METAL SLUG DEFENSE” is the latest installment in the legendary 2D run-and-gun game series “METAL SLUG” and its first entry as a tower defense / strategy game. In order to celebrate this new record of more than 7,000,000 downloads*, we are proud to announce the release of a version update to “METAL SLUG DEFENSE” with additional units, stages, and many more new features from June, 20th on Android and then later on iPhone.


* This is the total amount of downloads of the game on iOS and Android (with the exception of China)

** “METAL SLUG DEFENSE” is scheduled to be released soon in China



1) Addition of new “France” and “Mexico” areas

2) Addition of new “Trevor Spacey”, “Nadia Cassel” unit characters

3) Introduction of a 5-level rank & reward system depending on your stage clear time

4) Addition of Area Clear Time Rankings in which players compete against each other for the best stage clear time

5) Introduction of a 22-level rank system for Wi-Fi VS Battle that counts your total score

6) Addition of Matching Conditions to Wi-Fi VS Battle allowing players to battle against other players of a close rank

7) Addition of a new in-game “Good Job!” Icon, allowing players to send and display it on the opponent’s game screen

8) Unit Action Confirmation: every unit’s attack can be now confirmed from the “Customize” and “Shop” game screens

9) Addition of a new “Login Bonus” (when you login for 10 days)

10) Increase of the charging speed for the “METAL SLUG ATTACK” depending on units’ sortie number

11) Addition of Avatar Icons: you can show your favorite avatar icon to your opponent during Wi-Fi VS Battle


? Release Date: Android: June 20th, 2014

iPhone: TBD




? Release Date: May 1st, 2014 (iOS & Android)

? Genre: Tower Defense

? Price: Free to Play (with the presence of in-app purchases)

? Marketplace: Apple App Store / Google Play


*All company and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.

“METAL SLUG DEFENSE” Official Website:  http://game.snkplaymore.co.jp/official/metalslug_defense/

Follow us on Twitter at:  https://twitter.com/SNKPofficial


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