SNKP ceases relations with TOMMO

Thx to Arcade Shock for the tip!

Upon termination of the License and Distribution Agreement, SNK has demanded that TOMMO Inc. immediately cease any and all manufacturing, distribution, marketing & promotion and selling of the Licensed Products.
In addition, SNK has demanded TOMMO immediately cease all sales of the “SNK NEOGEO X Arcade Stick” product being sold separately from the NEOGEO X GOLD Plug and Play Console, and remove the “SNK NEOGEO X Arcade Stick” product from store shelves and online retailers. In order to protect our intellectual property rights such as “NEOGEO” and “SNK”, decisive measures will be taken against all unapproved NEOGEO X products not subject to the License Agreement.

In a nutshell, these products are not available any more, will be rare, up to you if you want to try and hold onto one, they may or may not turn to gold dust… Some people loved them, some people hated them, I never received a review copy so I can’t tell you personally what I thought of it. Some videos on youtube show video shearing while others seem pretty happy…

Full statement here

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