JP Live Stream Special! DOA5U – Virtua Fighter Night! (Part 1)

The DOA Scene in Japan are hard at work promoting DOA5U in Japan.In an attempt to appeal to more VF players, A special live stream is being held today.

The stream today will be focused on Sarah and Jacky, and will feature collaborative commentary from ??????? who is one of the top VF players in Japan!

This will also be a great learning experience for DOA players interested in learning more about the VF cast.

Please drop by and show your support! The Stream will be held here at 9:00 PM Japan Time (Around 12 AM GMT):

Drop by and join the fun !!

I’m a “Virtua” Fighter!

UPDATE: (another stream at a later date will be set to feature Akira and Pai. I will update you with the info as I get it!

For those who missed the stream !

Its was a 1st to 10 between:
Light_K (Sarah) and Musenwara (Jacky)



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