With no confirmation of PFC2 and WGC, this is the next big thing on the horizon. And it’s less than a month away!  This event hasn’t been spread far, but that’s to the advantage of the local players.  It will be hot, seriously hot, because of that cash prize.  It is an opportunity to fight with the best to get one of the biggest cash prizes this year!

Maxmode posted the following:

“We will hold a KOFXIII in Paris on November 17th, 2013 with a 2000€ (~ $2700) cashprize pot for the TOP3, split as 70%/20%/10%. There’s also a SF4 tournament on the same day at the same place with the same cashprize pot, this should be an interesting day for players on both games!

More details very soon, but as you can see we have solid partners for this event.





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