ROF Streaming This Weekend #kofxiii

After a first round in which all the best French gamers gathered around fighting games, Republic of Fighters is now expanding and comes back on September 14th and 15th for 2 days of tournament.

You can follow all the European fighting games top-players all along the weekend. In particular, meet Ice (Top 8 EVO 2013 on Super Smash Bros. Melee), WDM.MCZ | Luffy (Top 24 EVO 2013 on SF4), Gehaktbal (1st WGC 2013 on DoA), Fox (top8 EVO 2013 on KoF), Malek (Top 8 WGC 2013 on SCV), Ivoiro_Akon (Top5 ESWC World 2012), or CDV.WhiteBl4ck ( 2nd WGC 2013 on UMVC3 ).

The streams will be broadcast on the channels of our partners – O’Gaming ( for the first stream for the second stream) and


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