#jojo_asb “suicide” patch

Toxico reports:

Diavolo’s infinite is removed.

Corner infinites have been removed as well…. by modifying the gravity near the wall, meaning that pretty much all combos are lost near the wall. And notice that is near the wall, not only “with the enemy against the wall”, this retarded measure certainly makes the game more boring and screw ups with gameplay at so many levels it’s not even funny.

Jumps have been slowed down, while that stopped the wakeup jump tactic, that also killed a bunch of combos and strategies where you have your stand hit and you jump on their own (rip Kira & Josuke), instant overheads are also gone.

The current meme is “patch = ????”


To quickly summarise, the Japanese fans ranted on the President of CC2 and there will be another patch…




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