VsDojo will be hosting a special kofxiii tournament Saturday at 14:00.  Remember VSDojo closes around 19:00.

FB Event Page

iOS 6

This site is now fully compliant with iPhones and mobile devices, no more black screens with unreadable text!


Those of you in Paris who want the discount registration price, simply need to click “attend” on the FB event page.  If you don’t have Facebook, you can leave a reply on the info page there.

Yatagarasu UK

Don’t forget your chance to get some games in and join a team battle on the 18th August at Yates! Click here.


DOAU is looking … is it possible to get hotter than this?


If you didn’t get one from me or Musical Felony in the USA, your wallet is going to feel the burn.  The price of the shirt will be going up.  We made no commission on the shirt, up till now (4th Aug).  We need any gains made to support our activities.  So this is your last chance to buy the shirt before the price goes up on Aug 4th!


Did someone say Hadouken? They might as well have. Zzzzz.


The movement looks kinda wonky to me but it’s still lush to look at!

Gogo Interview

We are half way through our interview with Haregoro!  If you have any questions you can leave them here.  We also aim to ask Koukou and Woo…


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