Just a friendly reminder of London’s next KoF tournament… it’s tomorrow!!!!
Aside from the earlier venue change (now Balham instead of Tooting Broadway), the details pasted below remain the same.
Get HYPE, and see you tomorrow!!!

With quite a few BIG tournaments round the corner (e.g. SVB, VSF, Snake Pit, and our very own TEKKEN MAJOR) just around the corner, 360GamingUK once again gives you a platform in order to test your skills or find a partner worthy enough to pair up with.

Also back due to popular demand is KOF!!! The King of Fighters!!!

This promises to be an amazing event you do NOT want to miss!!!

Full details below.
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This is the Balham venue where the Tekken Ranking Battles were held, NOT the Tram and Social where previous 360Gaming tournaments took place.
Directions: http://goo.gl/maps/A39KB
Address: 5 Boundaries Road, Balham, London SW12 8HJ
It’s just round the corner from Balham train and tube station (National Rail, Northern Line, Zone 3), which you can easily get to, from most of London.
Once you come out of the station, you should see a SUBWAY sandwich shop. Walk along this road and take the first left, 2mins away. You will see a barber shop just around the corner. The ranking battle venue is just next to this barber shop.

Please click on the above Google Maps link for a better visual representation of the directions.
Date: Sunday 7th July 2013
Doors open: 1PM
Tournament Registration Ends: 3.15PM
Finish: around 7PM

BRING YOUR OWN CONTROLLERS!!! (for the relevant console(s), including any required USB cables)
CONSOLE: PS3 for Tekken Tag 2, xbox360 for KoF13.
PLAYER CAP: Max 32 entrants for each tournament.
FORMAT: Double Elimination (no groups), Best 2/3 games, all standard time limits.
TEKKEN-SPECIFIC RULES: 80sec time limit, Random Stage Selection, Motion Blur ON (unless both players agree otherwise)
KOF-SPECIFIC RULES: White stage is soft-banned, but allowed if both players agree/do not mind.
OTHER RULES: No character lock for a new set, but within a set you can only change character after losing.
Blind pick available, coin toss available for 1p/2p side disputes.
You MUST check button config before your match starts, then restart the match.
Pausing (or pressing Home button) for any reason (including button config) means you forfeit the current round.
You MUST switch off any wireless controllers after finishing your match and leaving the station.
Seeding (by ranking/region) is usually only available for players signed up online.

Entry Fee (at the door):
£10 for venue entry + one tournament, £15 for venue entry + two tournaments, £5 for venue entry + casuals/spectator only.
We accept Cash only (unless you sign up online).
Prize: Half of the pot goes towards prizes, winner take all!!!

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