E3 interview with DOA5U Director Yohei Shimbori

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E3 interview with DOA5U Director Yohei Shimbori

MASTER from DOAWorld.com recently had a very interesting interview with DOA5U director Yohei Shimbori covering some key questions frequently asked by fans. you can find the interview here:

here is a summary of the more important points mentioned:
– Netcode promised to be improved upon
– DOAxVF is far fetched but director is interesting in doing it
– Expect more costumes!
– Sidestep being looked into but so far unchanged.
– LOW HOLD in STUN has extra 5 frames of recovery now (40 frames total) so no more low hold spam.. which is great ! (you’re all welcome by the way .. 😛 )

In the end there was kind of an indirect shout out to the EU community. So be sure to up your game guys because a storm is coming !

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