Full Paris KOF signups are now full

While other games still have to fill their slots, KOF shows its popularity has no sign of waning. 32 Man Tournament is now full for the FULL PARIS event on May 19/20.

– Salad
– Blé
– Yulya
– Pavel
– VSFTV EsseX The Sinner
– Ultrayox
– Shaman
– Kof976
– Adk
– Winnymaru
– ShadK
– MF|Tom Sawyer
– Lordmed
– Mikku_Taunter
– WDM.MCZ Luffy
– WDM.MCZ Cuongster
– WDM.MCZ Dooms
– WDM.MCZ Will2Pac
– Cédric
– Samba
– MM|SalimLeVautour
– MM|Hokuto-Youssef
– MM|Tahar
– MM|Jerome
– Chocobotiger
– MM|Pharaon
– Def
– MF|Frionel
– MrQuaraté
– WW.MCZ.Ryan Hart
– Fox
– SBR|Brownsky

Should be good fun!

Not much more info re: streaming and I can tell you that the English stream is certainly not confirmed… but if you need more info go here http://www.gameslines.fr/full-paris-19052013-paris/

Sadly, we have heard the flight to EVO prize has been cancelled for AEX in Italy, so now we are all waiting to hear if the same will happen to FULL CONTACT in Paris in June 8,9. Still no venue details announced, while the claim that each game featured will have a flight to EVO to be won, remains…

The Italians and English are raring to go, but where is that info? Time is ticking and flights get more expensive…

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