Metal Slug II Headed for IOS

San Mateo, CA – Feb 07, 2013 – SNK PLAYMORE USA CORPORATION (Corporate HQ: Suita-city, Osaka, Japan, Company President & CEO: Masao Ohata) is proud to announce the worldwide release of METAL SLUG 2 for iOS and Android devices.

Following the release of METAL SLUG and METAL SLUG 3 on iOS and Android devices,METAL SLUG 2, the 2nd installment in the legendary NEOGEO 2D run-and-gun game series, is now available for iPhone and Android devices! This conversion of METAL SLUG 2 is not only a perfect port of the original NEOGEO game, but also includes a multitude of unique features.


An “arcade-perfect” NEOGEO port with Extra Features!
In addition to the traditional ARCADE MODE, you can select any mission you have previously cleared and play them separately in MISSION MODE. You can play your favorite stages at will and train on the missions you have not mastered yet!
Precise and Customizable Controls!

The Autofire function allows you to fire your weapons continuously by holding down the Shot button. Moreover, you can reposition the buttons outside of the game screen area in WINDOW MODE. Enjoy every pixel of METAL SLUG 2 with your very own custom controls!

Engage into intense Multiplayer gameplay via Bluetooth!

The more bullets and rockets, the merrier! Now you can enjoy METAL SLUG 2 with a friend through a Bluetooth connection. Team up to overcome the difficult missions METAL SLUG 2 has to offer!

Compatible with Network Ranking functions!

Compete for the best scores with players all over the world through the network function of your favorite smartphone device. Build experience on the battlefield, and hone your skills to become the Best Player in the World!



About METAL SLUG 2: 

2 female recruits, Eri, a former super agent, and, Fio, the only daughter of a famous military family, join Regular Army’s PF Squad Marco and Tarma, in order to put an end to Gen. Morden’s dastardly plans. The METAL SLUG arsenal expands with the introduction of new slug vehicles such as the “Slugnoid” (a bipedal tank), “Slug Flyer” (a fighter plane), and the “Camel Slug”, a camel equipped with a Vulcan Cannon!!


Title Details

? Title: METAL SLUG 2

? Release Date: February 7, 2013

? Genre: Action Shooting

? Requirements: iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad (iOS 4.0 and above) / Android 2.3 and above

? Rated: 12+

? Price: $3.99

? Marketplace: Apple App Store / Google Play


iOS App Store Download URL:

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Google Play Download URL:

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For additional information on METAL SLUG, please visit the official METAL SLUG sites:
METAL SLUG 2 Official Website:
METAL SLUG 3 Official Website:
METAL SLUG Official Website:

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In 1990, SNK (Currently SNK PLAYMORE) developed and sold arcade games and a console that could play these high-quality titles at home: the NEOGEO. The specs for both the MVS”Arcade” and the AES “Home” systems were the same, making them playable even in fans’ living room. It was also the first console offering a memory card allowing users to save progress at home, and for use at the arcade as well!


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