Hori vs Razr vs MadCatz #WGC2013

Neighbour knocked on the door with a huge parcel, I thought it was the t shirts and got rather excited.

It wasn’t. It was Hori stepping up to the challenge laid down by Razr.

What's bigger than a can of coffee, a Kasumi figurine, a 360 and a HDTV?
What’s bigger than a can of coffee, a Kasumi figurine, a 360 and a HDTV?

CafeId will be giving us their opinion on the two sticks as we gear up for King of Sticks Round 2, not forgetting Mad Catz, who are literally throwing sticks around at half price at wgc.

I’ll be bringing the Fighting Edge to WGC for you to try out. Come see me in the KOF area!

Thanks to Hori UK and Iain, who sent the stick even though I said I would happily trash it if I thought it was honestly crap. You won’t get any “Hey this stick is awesome” reviews even though we got a stick for free. You recall those reviews, right? Where they didn’t say ONE negative thing about the FE? Lol. Get real. We will take this stick apart.

Stay tuned!

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