The 23th team battle from Nishinippori Versus , courtesy of ??VERSUS

Team 1p : Fear , Ryuji , Tenga , ???

Team 2p : Ganpi , Muteki no Ryuu

Team 1p : ??? , Ensoku , Tenga , Ryuji , Shoki

Team 2p : Ruiko , Haregoro

Team 1p : Shoki , Fear , ??? , Ensoku , Shoki

Team 2p : KouKou

Team 1p : Shoki

Team 2p : Naoki , Muteki no Ryuu , Ruiko

Team 1p : Shoki , KouKou

Team 2p : Haregoro , Naoki , Ganpi

Published by Toxic Avanger

Stupid Drunkyard

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