WGC Poll Winner MUKATSKU!! ;P

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WGC Poll Winner MUKATSKU!! ;P

   FGC News ,   December 23, 2012  2 Comments

We’ve been receiving complaints about the poll being spammed and abused since it is anonymous and depends on IPs, with a mobile phone you can vote multiple times. The poll was not going to decide or guarantee the winner a trip to Cannes, but just show us how popular the player is in the community.

What is interesting is that if you could make someone vote for you, could you make them donate 1 euro?

Look at the votes. A plane ticket at the most costs 1000 euros. With donations, the top ranks could easily get a ticket. 2 euros each is not difficult! We hope to see you at WGC.

Here’s the poll results for your viewing pleasure. Megashock win!

Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.

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