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France vs Taiwan/ UK Replays

   FGC News ,,   November 10, 2012  1 Comment

“Tonight money matches results :

Fox vs Ren (10 euros) : 3 – 5
frionel vs ET (5 euros) : 5 – 1
Salim vs Ren (5 euros) : 2 – 5
Tom Sawyer vs Ren (5 euros) : 2 – 5
Salim vs ET (5 euros) : 1 – 5
Fox vs ET (10 euros) : 1 – 5
Salim vs ET (5 euros) : 1 – 5
frionel vs Ren (5 euros) : 0 – 5

Great games, thanks everyone!

All the replays are available on my channel (”

Here’s one from last night:

Watch live video from frionel26 on TwitchTV

Don’t forget we have more action coming from Lyon and Brazil this weekend, not to mention CafeID is also streaming! There’s a really cool person posting live URL streams of any KOF channel on the chatbox, so keep an eye on it!

Here’s some action from Gamerbase in the UK from the Winter Season Ranking Battles!

Watch live video from nthgenmedia on TwitchTV

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