MM Champions League Report

So first of all, thanks to Shuroan for helping me carry equipment to the event and of course thanks to’s Youseff for organising the event and sourcing such a nice venue.

The system was really great, with pools and then two tournaments with double elimination, plus FT3, FT5 and FT10 for the last stages.  It was a test of stamina and patience, for both viewers and contestants but it’s undeniably the better way to see who really is the stronger player.

Some REALLY hype moments with matches down to the line, check out the replays below: hmmmm Fox vs Luffy was the highlight for me!

Really good for the scene to see Fox and Salim knocked out, unfortunately Frionel was around to mop up the pieces. Better luck next time Luffy!

Great to see all these players turning up for JUST KOF. This was a pure KOF event not one single other game got even a mention!
Shout outs to Valentin, Pharaon and JPKOF for holding down the stream and allowing me to rant in English.

GGs to 2pac (with his very Guile like Leona urrrrgh), Shinkawa and the other guys who beat me up but still fear Clark. YEAH. Downloading works both ways, ouch, lol.  I still have no clue what to do about Chin apart from anticipate a counter with a command throw and try to crouching B everything else.

It’s been interesting watching and learning the setups but it’s a different story when you’re trying to guess which one is about to hit you.




  1. 2pac
  2. Jym
  3. Dooms


  1. Frionel
  2. Luffy
  3. Coungster



Now here are a couple of replays!

Coungster vs CCL, Fox vs Luffy

Watch live video from danstacavesf on TwitchTV
Semi Finals: Coungster vs Frionel, Gym Tonic vs 2pac and the monstrous FT10 Finals between Luffy and Frionel.

Watch live video from danstacavesf on TwitchTV

More at

Maxmode will be doing something at least every month, gonna be fun!

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