KOF XIII is (NOT) Dead 11/17/2012

With so many fighting games out there right now a lot of people like to call a game dead when they don’t see or hear much about it as they used to, we’ve seen a small decline in the numbers of entries at the last KOF tournaments could this be the case for KOF XIII…?


I and a few other people like LevelUp, MadCatz, SuperArcade and Atlus don’t think so! Alex Valle has been teasing the KOF players for a few days and just yesterday this is what he posted on Facebook.


“KOFXIII Players Save The Date – Nov. 17, 2012! More info coming soon! Atlus USA MadCatz”


What could this mean? Well stay tuned, make sure to save the date and follow @levelupseries, @SuperDojo, @AtlusUSA, @MadCatz for more info.






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