VST 2012 GRAND FINAL KOFXIII – KleberYagami vs MrBruno

Here there are! Thanks Bruno (Not MrBruno) (No offence to MrBruno) (But then again, they are both Mr Bruno, unless Bruno isn’t telling me something) (Stop reading this and watch the video already!).


— Gunny’s words end here and Xuxubeleza’s words start here —

This was a local tournament in São Paulo – Brazil. We didn’t have too many players  (16, if I remember well), but the overall level was high, Kleber decided not to play his main team (Kyo, Iori, K’) and gone full Fatal Fury instead (Andy, Terry, Kim). He won once again… it’s starting to get boring… somebody needs to send BALA or Kaoru here already!

If you want to watch the rest of the tournament, here’s the stream archive.


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