Season’s Beatings Ascension

Godlike Entertainment presents:

We traveled to SCR and witnessed the hype of NorCal vs. SoCal, and soon after were hooked on KOF13. EVO 2012 — with IGL Bala and Cafeid MadKOF — gave us one of the most exciting EVO Grand Finals of all time, and interest in KOF is at a universal all-time high.

As huge fans of the game, we at Goldike Entertainment are focusing our efforts on the KOF community big-time for Season’s Beatings: Ascension.

We look forward to bringing you details on our crazy plans soon that all KOF fans will love. We are working closely with TheAnswer and are being sponsored by Atlus, and are able to bring the world champ of KOF13, Cafeid MadKOF, to Ohio for SBa!

IT HAS BEGUN: A new chapter opens in FGC history as we rise from the ashes of our beginnings and ascend to stratospheric heights, with a new venue and more epic events.

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