Astral Heat: Persona 4 Arena Autumn Festival @ Gamerbase London

Where will this be held?
HMV GamerBase
Piccadilly Circus,

When is this session held?
Saturday 6th October 2012

12-10pm the event will be running

All set-ups will be Persona 4 Arena

Which Console(s)?
There will be a mixture of both XBox360 and PS3 consoles running P4A so no one feels left out

Will control pad/arcade stick be provided?
We do not provide controllers, we advice all visitors to bring their own pads/arcade stick

What are the prices like?
£5 for venue fee

Why are we doing this?
A lot of us here in the UK have been anticipating this game for some time now, this is our chance to get more time with it before it’s initial release!
We also want Persona 4 Arena to be more accessible to new and veteran players, expanding our scene and ultimately having a much stronger community. This event allows others to learn more about the game in a stimulating environment.

Will there be a tournament?
This event will not have the inclusion of a tournament, it will go by to it’s initial plan of casual play. Astral Heat are aware that not many potential attendees have played Persona 4 Arena prior this event. By having a tournament at this period of time will only go against the purpose of the whole event.

Is there a stream?
Stream is provided by NthGen Interactive and K49 Custom, and will be broadcast on

Getting there:
The closest Station to the place is Piccadilly Circus which is on the Piccadilly and Bakerloo lines. Once you exit the barriers you take the exit to the left which has the ‘Trocadero’ sign. Do not go outside into the high street.

Pass through the automatic doors and continue to walk forward through all the break dancers (lol) and once you’re near the escalators go up, and then turn left, it will be right there in front of you.

Event info here:

Facebook Event:

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