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Tomorrow: East vs West Japan

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From the Prof

“Repost as a reminder.

KOF wasn’t at SBO, but it’ll be getting its good share of the summer heat. Tomorrow, there’s going to be the largest tournament in Japan hosted by Dune and KCE. This is the first time that East Japan and West Japan (Tokyo and Osaka) players are facing each other. This has never happened before. It’s a 3-on-3, but we’ll essencially be seeing who’s the strongest in Japan. Kaoru will be attending the tournament, as well as Kyabetsu, Dune, Ogosho, Keykakko, most likely Woo, and a lot of other players. This is going to be big.

The tournament (in US time) will be taking place on August 10(Fri) around 11:30PM Pacific, 2:30AM Eastern, 1:30AM Central. (JP time August 11 starting 3:30PM JST)

The stream URL is
Reload the page or click on the silver/grey door when the time comes.
Get a free account to view which can be registered here (English).

Quick overview of top contenders

Dune “Godfather of KOF” – Well known for his KOF activities and being top at vanilla KOF13, Dune has been MIA for this full year due to bar exam studies. Will he be able to take on the other top players from a short rehab? Teaming with Ogosho and Picnic. Main characters: Karate, Kyo, C.Iori.

Ogosho – Former SBO champ for KOF and SF4. One of the very few Billy users in Japan. Main characters: Billy, Goro, Chin

Kyabetsu – 9th place winner at EVO. Won over Kaoru 2-1 and sent him home at EVO despite only learning the game for a week. Main character: Karate, Kyo, Iori

Kaoru “Kansai’s strongest legend” – Lady luck wasn’t on his side at EVO. Kaoru has been a mystery to the East Japan players, but they’ll finally get a chance to match up against him to see who’s truely the best in KOF. Main characters: Ryo, Daimon, Karate, Raiden

Woo(Uuu) – If you’ve seen the “vs Woo + Kaoru” vids back with vanilla KOF13, you know who this is. Woo normally doesn’t attend tournaments so it’s unknown if he’s enterting this one, but rumor is he’s teaming up with Kaoru and Kyabetsu. Main characters: Mai, Kim, Goro.

Picnic “The last supper” – Despite his cute name and being practically unknown in the English KOF scene, Picnic is around the same strength as Dune and is reportedly good enough to get wins against Kaoru.

Keykakko “Mr.Framedata” – Provider of valuable frame data, Keykakko is entering this tournament. Main characters: Hwa, Raiden, Chin

Other good contenders probably entering tournament-

Shoki – Seasoned player, one of Japan’s top contenders.
Itimu Mari – One of Japan’s top contenders.
Haregoro – Renowned Joe player.
Tenkawa – Renowned Ashi/Duolon player.
Yukichi – About the only Terry player in Japan. Loves KOF so much that he dreamt of playing a character in the series and decided to become a voice actor.
Shizuoka King – About the only King player in Japan.
Myu – Renowned Clark player, amazed Orochingi’s Gunsmith.
Ringo – Less known player, Strong enough to send Kaoru to losers in previous Jp Tournament. ”


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