Metallic Mike’s XIII Andy Combo Vid

“So after ages of having Shoulder x Kuhaden cancel whiff on me in combos i learnt some more reliable HD combos to replace it. These were my results, the combos above are both reliable and damaging at the same time, i omitted jumpins on purpose to show that he can achieve high damage without them.

Came up with a practical way to apply the DP crossunder combo, the midscreen variant just consists of looping Heavy DP into Heavy Shoulder and your opponent will not drop out of this randomly (as they were doing for me with Shoulder x Kuhaden based HD combos).

For the corner combos aswell, using Heavy DP to keep the opponent in the air is (unscaled) 70 damage a hit instead of Kuhaden’s 30 damage a hit, which is how these do on average more damage than the lower level Andy HD combos. Save 2 meters for Neomax at the end and just add Ex shoulders in place of other H/L shoulders early on to increase the damage counter.

The Guard crush strings i showed are quite precise, if they have anything lower than full guard gauge the EX Kuhaden will juggle the opponent and unless in the corner your best option is to just go straight into Neomax or Fireball super into Neomax.

Cant thing of anything else to say, so if theres any questions let me know.”


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