Tournament Woes

Let me tell you a little story about tournaments

I was interested in this tournament in Lyon
but you know, internet, games, life, anime, etc,

I was thinking yeah hmmm not sure if I really wanna go

I’d probably turn up on the day or something

then the day comes along

and Rickyo tells me, yeah sure you can go

but it’s like 80 euros return because you didn’t book in advance
yeahhhhhhhh… so no go…

hearing about the tournament afterwards, of course, I could have done well.
moral of the story?


Book in advance!!!!

because it’s the same thing that happens every time to many many players…
I booked my i46 tickets before it was even announced properly

Right now, tickets to i46 are already quite expensive. Don’t wait till the day and feel stupid and gutted you missed out.

For example, a return ticket from London to Telford Central will NOW cost £23 to get there and £9 to get back.  If you wait, prices will go up, although it seems it will be capped at £50 return.

Have a read over the schedule page and think HARD about making the most of this summer’s major tournament.

Then go over to the sign up page!!!

Our American allies should also start planning their trip to ReveLAtions!


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