BREAK TIME IS OVER! Here we go again…


Date: August 17-19, 2012 (KOF will be played 18-19/Sat-Sun only)

Time: Tournament starts Saturday at 3pm

Location: L3 at the Santa Monica Place

Address: 395 Santa Monica Place
Santa Monica, CA 90401

Fees: $25 venue + $10 per game

Prizes: There will be a $3000 pot guaranteed (not bonus) and split among top 8, so if there’s 12 or 60 participants we will still pay top 8. Now if there are more than 100 participants we will add another $1000.

Payout: Top 8 we’ll be payed like this:

$3,000 (guaranteed)

1st: $1,500 (50%)
2nd: $600 (20%)
3rd: $300 (10%)
4th: $210 (7%)
5th: $150 (5%)
6th: $120 (4%)
7th: $60 (2%)
8th: $60 (2%)

Console: Sony is one the sponsors so the event we’ll be on PS3

Rules: Standard EVO rules, Pool play on Saturday up to top 8, Sunday top 8 we’ll play on stage.

If there’s any questions please let me know.

See you there!

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