S-C Interviews KOF XIII Producer, Kei Yamamoto

Trieu from SNK-Capcom had a few words with kei Yamamoto shortly before Evo 2012. Fans of Oswald will want to punch a hole in their monitors.

S-C.com: KOF never really saw the light of day at a major fighting game tournament until KOF XIII was released. It started as an invitation by SCR 2010 as a side tournament (the first time a KOF game was streamed from a US Tournament) and never looked back since. What are SNK PLAYMORE’s thoughts about the speed in which KOF XIII gained national and worldwide exposure?

We are very proud that “THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIII” is played by our fans worldwide. The official selection of this title in an international event such as EVO has undoubtedly been possible thanks to the unfailing support of our fans. We also hope that “KOF” will experience increased success through EVO.

S-C.com: What improvements, if any, does SNKP think can be made to KOF?

We think we can still make further improvements in terms of “characters”, “battle system”, and “graphics”. Therefore, as we know these features must evolve as the “KOF” series continues, we would like to try many things

Check out the interview in its entirety at SNK-Capcom

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