DC interviews CafeID

During Top 8, many Spanish speaking fans were chanting for BALA and against Cafe ID players. Many of them have come forward to apologize because they were worried that you may have been offended. According to them, this kind of chanting is common at Mexican sports events and is not meant to offend anyone personally. How do Cafe ID players feel about the Spanish chanting?

Cafe:Id – We were okay with it. We understand the cultural difference and expected chanting from crowds. We envied Mexico and their supportive fans.

The next question is for the owner of Cafe:Id Kensouzzang. Please tell us all about the history of Cafe ID. What exactly is Cafe:Id? How did it start? How many players go to Cafe:Id regularly? How long have Cafe ID KoFXIII players known each other?

Kensouzzang : Cafe:Id opened March 1st 2011. The reason I named it Cafe:Id is to remember a certain female that I still love. The name is also motivation for me to continue running Cafe:Id no matter what kind of problems I face. If I give up on Cafe:Id, that means I give up on her too. The hidden creator of Cafe:Id is her. Please, return to me!

Check out the rest of the interview here!!


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