Samurai Spirits Zero: SNK Festival 2012 Parts 1 -4

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Samurai Spirits Zero: SNK Festival 2012 Parts 1 -4

   FGC News   June 13, 2012  No Comments

Nico user ???? again brightens our lives by uploading precious footage for SNK games, this time around he has decided to upload the “SNK Festival”, a SNK focused event that was held by the end of April and featured many NeoGeo games.

Match 1 : Aruba Kichou (Shizumaru) Haipa (Kyoshiro)
Match 2 : Neu (Gaira) vs Kenou (Gaoh)
Match 3 : Yuto (Yoshitora) vs AKA (Rimururu)
Match 4 : Yuto (Yoshitora) vs AKA (Rimururu)
Match 5 : Sugano (Sogetsu) vs Gaga-sama (Hanzo)

Match 3 needed to be reset due to the time count being changed in the dip switch menu.

Name details :

Aruba Kichou [ ????? ] , “Aruba Precious”
Neu [ ?? ] , it’s just a name

Title : SNK????????????????????????(1?4)

Source :

Description : 2012?4?????????SNK??????????








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