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Proving Grounds 2 Report

The opposite of insomnia is narcolepsy and boy did I feel it, and I have a good idea a lot of other ppl did too. You know when you can’t keep your eyes open sleepy, well that’s what it was like. But enough about me, the event was great.

Came 3rd but that’s how things go, winners finals was quite satisfying in hindsight. Good reads by me for the most part and nothing I can say I didn’t expect, except that hail mary super at the end lol. Lost in Losers Finals to VS BigFool, I blame the narcolepsy 🙂 and not really knowing Chin, even though I was the one who put BigFool into losers in the first place.

Great showing by all the players, wasn’t feeling too well because of the sleepy hollow, but looking back the event was well run and everyone was welcoming. Much thanks to the staff, Temp and RaisedByFinches for taking into account the last trains. Something to look forward to again for sure.

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