Insomnia 45 Report


Firstly thank you to:

Unequalled Media ( [Shin and Sho Dragon]) for making it happen, they didn’t have to put KOF in the line up.
Madcatz for the prizes (excellent stuff).
All the participants and ppl I met.

Events like this help give KOF some much needed attention. It was anyone’s tournament. Anyone can win 2 games from anyone I think if they got a bit of luck and some knowledge of the opponent.


Venue and i45:

The venue was great, walking distance from the Train station which seems to be a common theme for all KOF events recently. It was at i45 ( ) “The UK’s biggest Gaming Festival” a mostly PC event, but with much more things inbetween:

(see pics):

Console and PC themed cakes.
Free arcade with pinball and retro games.
Other things which I didn’t understand (weird motion games).
Great facilities and production values.


The more experienced players will probably take nothing from the videos gameplay wise (including mine – don’t hype me up to the Japanese Gunsmith lol), but as is the case with ppl you know personally things get interesting just for the victories or the upsets.

I was surprised with both Shinefist and TKO Medion that day. Medion lost 4 out of 5 matches to Shinefist who went home with a very nice Madcatz SFXT stick and a big smile on his face. Not only that Shin Dragon was giving him serious problems and almost beat him with a basic Andy! Tournament nerves! What is going on TKO? ON am disappoint! I was clocking Medion’s Mr.Karate expecting to face him eventually.

I don’t do write ups because I won but mostly because I might aswell, being present and all, plus I want to give exposure to KOF with pics and some hype for upcoming events to give potential entrants some motivation to just participate and have fun with the game. I will hopefully do more writeups for events I may not compete in but will be present for, maybe in France even which Gunsmith should also be there for anyway.







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