With the donations we have received so far, here is what we’re going to do:

1. Send a UK player to Paris to compete in the road to Evo tournament, with players from all over Europe.
2. Orochinagi is partnering with Maxmode and WatchDaMatch in supporting the price of a flight to Las Vegas, as a prize to the tournament winner.

Giga D has other commitments so we’re looking for a UK rep to get on that bus. But who should it be? The argument should not be who is going to get mangled up the quickest, rather who would benefit from fighting with world class players, to then take those skills home and level up their community.

Throw down your nominations now. If nothing can be decided, the road to Evo donation will simply get bigger! DEADLINE 25th May.

If you want to go to GOD2012 on your own steam, and perhaps compete in the other tournaments check out this thread.

The tournament needs at least 50 players in order to raise enough cash for the flight but there are still other costs such as the Evo fee and hotel costs.

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PS, I’m still looking for a job and frankly, I need a new xbox (given up on repeatedly repairing it) for tutorial videos. Thanks for supporting Orochinagi. If you know of a job in Paris that would suit a IT/English teacher, that would be even better!
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