Climax JP Team Battle

A fashioned team battle in the arcade version, original upload by Nico user OTIKA . We can see players from Kyoto and some trusty rowdy folks from the KCE within the teams. The arcade is, I think, called “Seven Islands” [ ???????? ] , that arcade had some pretty amazing battles for the 1.1 version of XIII , so I’m having good hopes for what they can roll out in the future.

Team 1p : Chori , Inocchi , Inpara , Kozuka , Picnic

Team 2p : Yusuke , Anime Sommelier , El , Haregoro? , Tenga

Name details :

Kozuka [ ?? ] , it’s just a name.
Tenga [ ?? ] , “Milky Way”.

Title : ?KOFXIII????????????CLIMAX?

Source :

Description : 5/3??????????????????????????????????????


Published by Toxic Avanger

Stupid Drunkyard

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