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Thursday Runbacks- last chance to play KOF

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Perhaps KOF isn’t that popular in Walnut, CA. If KOF doesn’t bring in at least 50 players, it’s getting dropped. So. BRING SOME PLAYERS. I’m going to presume last Thursday was a case of people not knowing or something. Last chance!

The full info:

Here in the states there is a new weekly KOF tournament starting in Southern California. The Guys who run Wednesday Night Fights are now doing a weekly for KOF. The top 8 players who attend these weekly ranbats will get Evo 2012 seeding points. Full details are below. If any of you venture to SoCal in the coming months I recommend you come out.

Level|Up Presents – The Runback

The fighting game community has grown to play many new titles this tournament season. In order to keep the momentum going, Level|Up is proud to announce our latest installment of gaming entertainment – The Runback. We’re running it back with 2 days of fighting game action starting with our original WNF and finishing the hype train with The Runback, all part of Season 2! If you’re a fan of the WNF production, now you’ll have 2 days to get your game on with the best from SoCal!

Season 2 – Road To EVO 2012
We’re happy to announce SRK/EVO will be sponsoring both WNF and The Runback for Season 2! That means the overall champions for AE2012, SFxTK, KOFXIII, and UMVC3 will now receive EVO seed points! Season 2 begins March 28, 2012 at 9PM PST every Weds and Thurs on .

The Runback Tournament Game Lineup:
The King of Fighters XIII – PS3
Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 – Xbox360

The Runback Tournament Season :
Season 2:
Mar. 29, Apr. 5, Apr. 12, Apr. 19, Apr. 26, May. 3, May. 10

Season 3:
May. 17, May. 24, May. 31, Jun. 7, Jun. 14, Jun. 21, Jun. 28

Point System Breakdown
Players will compete in a 64+man tournament and battle it out through top 8. When the
tournament is over, the top 8 players will receive ranking points (RP) and entered in our
database. Note: *RPs will reset when a new season begins.

How many points do you get for placing top 8?
1st Place = 8 pts. 2nd Place = 7 pts. 3rd Place = 6 pts. 4th Place = 5 pts
5th Place = 4 pts. 5th Place = 4 pts. 7th Place = 3 pts. 7th Place = 3pts

What happens next season?
Top 8 players will be seeded starting in Season 2 and same rules apply to Season 3.
Ranking Point totals will also reset back to 0 after every Season is over.

Stream Channel:

Tourney begins at 9PM for all games!
This is a Bring Your Own Controller event!
Venue: $5
Buy-In: $5 per game
No spectator fee!
Onsite registration only!

Prize Distribution:
1st 60% 2nd 30% 3rd 10%

Super Arcade
1211 N Grand Ave
Walnut, CA 91789

Super Arcade Twitter:

Super Arcade SRK Thread: … on.143162/

Hours of Operation:
Mon-Thurs 10am-12am
Friday 10am-1am
Saturday 12pm-1am
Sunday 1pm-11pm

Level|Up President:
Alex Valle

Level|Up Operations Manager:
Jimmy Nguyen

Level|Up Stream Producers:
AJ Papa/Frank Reyes
Level|Up Photography/Web Design:
Bryan Gateb

For more information on Level|Up events or interested in community programs and media, visit our site:

Follow @levelupseries


Facebook Fan Page:

*Level|Up is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged articles.
*Level|Up staff can eject any groups/individuals that cause harm or malicious intent from The Runback at anytime.
*Individuals caught soliciting Level|Up sponsors/clients will be permanently BANNED from ALL Level|Up events.

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