KOF XIII Shortcuts Vol 2

RUN + HCF – not DP

If you are a character that has a DP and a QCF motion, you may be having problems when it comes to running.

For example

Iori wants to dash forward and HCF P to grab the opponent, yet DP comes out – because the fwd is still registering and you haven’t left the stick in neutral for long enough.

To solve this problem, you need to run forward, then do HCF UF + P.  This cancels out the previous Fwd input from the run.


Ryo wants to dash forward and apply pressure with QCF + A/C.  Same thing as above.  QCF UF.


Kyo, in the same way, has this problem where he is blocking, then wants to do HCB + BD to grab the opponent, yet instead, RDP is executed and he goes flying across the screen.

To ensure it works, Kyo needs to do HCB UB + BD.


Some Iori players have difficulty dashing forward after a scum gale (HCF A/C) and doing DP, so that they can them combo his DM (QCF HCB).  Remember that HCB Fwd also registers as a DP motion.


There are people that listen to noisy sticks and there are risks with pressing forward when you might want to block and change your mind at the last millisecond.  Performing HCB Fwd leaves you in block position for more time than doing a DP.  It also makes more sound on the stick…


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