Youtube HD replay round up: FRXV | 3ON3


Watch LDA Bala uncharacteristically crumble under pressure to show that he is as human as the rest of us!  Ever heard of col.CC.Combofiend dropping a combo?

Check it out!

Bala vs Romance

AS| Reynald vs LDA|The Answer

more at Spooky’s channel

3ON3 – One character per player

Some mental match endings here, Mid Boss vs ONCL to name one!

Komodo vs LHM Double Penetration

Anonymous vs Rolling Start

ON Crumb Lickers vs Komodo

Anonymous vs Mid Boss Team

Rolling Start vs Komodo

Anonymous vs LMH Double Penetration

Anonymous vs Rolling Start

Winners Finals
ON Crumb Lickers vs Mid Boss Team

Losers Finals
Anonymous vs Mid Boss Team

Grand Finals
Anonymous vs ON Crumb Lickers

Prize Ceremony

Full Results and photos


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