A. ON CRUMB LICKERS = Giga D | Raisedbyfinches | CircleMasher

B. MID BOSS TEAM = Gunsmith | Shin Dragon | Sho Dragon

C. ROLLING START = Igniz13 | Datscrub | Wolflink123

D. LMH DOUBLE PENETRATION = ZeroNiiro | Firei | Rayokarna

E. KOMODO = Amin | Komodo Joe | General Skirmish

F. ANONYMOUS = Mienaikage | Apollo Steed | Momohime Princess


Update: Youtube versions now available here

Watch live video from thepeoplesstream on TwitchTV

Watch live video from thepeoplesstream on TwitchTV



Who’d have thought musical chairs could be so much fun?

Nobody will forget those moments when combos were dropped and tables were turned… and then dropped again LOL and the whole room gasps – now that is


All this tension and fury over a couple of sticks?

3on3: 1 captain and his sea men.  Watch this ship go down!

All those who came, will definitely come again.  Too much fun.

Ultimate Marvel results were as follows

  1. Raisedbyfinches
  2. CircleMasher
  3. General Skirmish

Thanks to everyone who came down to say goodbye!

And thanks to HoriQanba and EXDP for their support!


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