KoF XIII : Totally Casual Combo Vid (Duo Lon)

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KoF XIII : Totally Casual Combo Vid (Duo Lon)

   FGC News   March 17, 2012  No Comments

As expected, Nohohonto has dedicated a combo video to another of their favorite characters (Duo Lon), the combo creation follows the same principle than the others, which is “low cost” and “practical usage”; there are some really unconventional combos showed here and that kinda makes this video a super interesting watch. Original upload ??????

I assume that the combo video maker is ????? // Nedonozou , who is the only one who I have seen authoring combos from the Nohohonto crew, furthermore if you haven’t caught on, the possibility that ?????? is Nedonozou’s nico account is pretty high.

Title : ??????????????

Source : http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm17279805

Description : ?Up?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????­????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????­??????????m(???)m?????????????????????????????????????????????????[???]???????????????????????­?????4?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????NEO MAX???


KoF XIII : Totally Casual Combo Vid (Duo Lon) – YouTube.

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