The Arcadia Controversy

So you may have read over at SVC or Mmcafe about how the Japanese Magazine Arcadia posted some very confusing information on how Saiki was a 360 exclusive while Billy will only be found on the PS3.  To add more fuel to the fire, recently at the Paris Manga show it was found that Billy was easily unlocked on the 360, however, Saiki was nowhere to be seen.  The slot next to Ash was still present, however.  I do remember playing the game at TAC and finding that playing through Story mode did not unlock Saiki.  To unlock Billy, you just had to meet him as a sub boss in arcade mode.  How difficult will it be to unlock Saiki?  Will we have to complete the game with every character?  Rumours also suggest that both characters (and more) are unlockable through missions or simply as a DLC purchase.  Perhaps we will get a better idea at the upcoming Wednesday Brawl on the 12th October.  Or maybe we just shouldn’t know 😛

Update: SNKP posted on their blog that it was indeed a mistake, thanks to Prof for the translations.

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