What a weekend!  For a first time it was pretty well organised apart from the interruption of SFIV taking over the stream for a while.  That won’t happen again 😀  Big thanks to General Skirmish for directly capturing so many matches in HD.  I’ve noticed that there is a big difference in quality on youtube, it may be HD, but it isn’t 60 frames a second.  Just wait till you get this game at home…  The difference is beyond words.  Onto the results!

Note: not every match was recorded.

Group Stages

Four groups.  Tournament utilised the round robin system, where everone has to play each other.  The two players with most wins go through to a 8 man single elimination bracket.

A) ATB_555 (2), Shin Dragon (2), Zero Niiro (0), Miles Star (2), Giga D[ON] (4)

Atb_555 vs ZeroNiiro

Atb_555 vs Miles Star

Atb_555 vs Shin Dragon

Shin Dragon vs Miles Star

Giga D cruised through, while there was a three way tie for 2nd place!

3 Way Tie

B) MichelS (ON) (3), Switch Playa (0), TKO Supa (TKO) (2), Mienaikage (1)

C) Kusogaki (3), Ryo Yamazaki (1), Lord Spectre X (0), Cristina (3), Firei (2)
(Some matches can be found on the stream in part 2)

D) Robocop Two (4), Oly (2), Gunsmith (3), Sho Dragon (0), Tenrai Messatsu (1)
(Some matches can be found on the stream in part 2)
Oly vs Tenrai Messatsu

Pretty much the upset of the night was newcomer Tenrai scoring a win over veteran Sho Dragon. Why he stuck with Kensou even though he was playing badly with him, I shall never ask. While showing Tenrai some Kim combos, it also dawned on me that I should damn well use him. And I did…

See the next post for other matches

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