UF2 Video – You had to be there!

THE NEW CHALLENGERS: Newcomers TastyC and TKOSupa made quite an impact, delivering shock losses to some of the regulars, TKOSupa making it all the way to the finals. Arguments as always but the procedure was fair – and arguably Gunsmith would have got himself in the finals if we had switched things around. Tofa bravely got stuck in with barely any practice but is now determined to keep on – with Shoju, ZeroNiiro and Aion all getting better in the meantime, things are looking up for the KOF scene.

As you and the other 30 or so people in the chat room know, the matches were broadcast live, and specatators had lots of fun watching it together, discussing hammers and elephants. Make sure to join us next time!

Gunsmith def TastyC
TKOSupa def ZeroNiiro
Aion def Gunsmith
TKOSupa def TastyC
ZeroNiiro def Aion
Gunsmith def TKOSupa
TastyC def ZeroNiiro
TKOSupa def Aion
ZeroNiiro def Gunsmith
TastyC def Aion

TKOSupa had three wins and went through
TastyC, ZeroNiiro and Gunsmith all won two points = tie for 2nd place
Tiebreaker via Inty’s law: Gunsmith vs TastyC then Gunsmith vs ZeroNiiro. Gunsmith goes through.

Group 2
Bullet Proof defaulted.
Giga D def Shin Dragon
Shin Dragon def Shoju
Giga D def Tofa
Giga D def Shoju
Shin Dragon def Tofa
Tofa def Shoju

Giga D and Shin Dragon go through

Gunsmith vs Giga D
TKOSupa vs ShinDragon

Finals: Giga D vs TKOSupa

Winner: Giga D

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