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KOF XIII: Interview with ZeroNiiro

We continue our interviews with players who have tried KOFXIII, this one being of extra interest as ZeroNiiro has just returned from Hong Kong, where XIII is getting rinsed properly (or not?)…

How did you feel about XIII?
I love it from what I’ve played first time at UCX, I also got to play more of it while I was at HK a few weeks ago (despite the Asian button format) and after playing for an extended amount of hours in Arcade Mode as well as playing the HK locals it’s overall a good game for those new into KOF as well as Old Skool players.

How was it compared to 2002um (or any other KOF you’ve played)?
I would say that it utilises the best of each of the games (mainly 2002UM & XI with XII’s engine) to make XIII, like replacing XI’s Super/Dream Cancel for Drive Cancel & Neo Max, and 2002’s MAX mode for Hyper Drive. The EX mode does give the game an interesting twist though since filling up meter seems to be little easier in my opinion. Apart from that gameplay feels as fast as XI but hit confirming & cross-ups is still kinda getting used to.

Any favourite characters (moves, graphics)?
So far it has been mainly Duo Lon & Kensou because of their various mix up they both provide, also they brought back both characters previous moves & playstyle back into XIII. I would say K’ but I’m still not used to him as I thought yet, but to play safe I’ve been switching around between Kyo, Iori, Shen & even Hwa Jai so far.

What would you wish for in the console version?
Most likely the remaining characters of the Ash Saga like Momoko, Oswald, Malin (or even Duck King XD).

How was UCX for you?
UCX was great, great seeing everyone within the KOF community and just having fun playing KOFXIII for the first time as well as the Beginner’s Tournament. Gotta thank Hokuto Youssef for providing the game for the event.

Would you come again?
Yes definitely. If only XIII arcade is in the UK though…

Which game are you interested in practicing now?
For the mean time I do play the occasional BB & GG and as much as I like 2002UM it’s been kinda hard practicing due to the hardcore-ness of the Old Skool players. Once XIII is released on console this will be my main game to play and try my best in it.

You’ve just come back from Hong Kong, how is XIII doing over there?
It was pretty decent there, only had time to go to GameZone at Mong Kok which had the cabinet so can’t really tell from the others. 3HK (like 25p) a go, can’t go wrong with that.

What about 2002um?
Every arcade I passed by seem to have a cabinet, maybe 2 & that gets played quite a bit. Strangely regular 2002 was played as much as 2002UM.

Are there any other KOF games getting rinsed down there?
Apart from XIII & 2002UM, only 98UM & 2002.

Would you say the players are the same old skool, or is there any fresh blood?
It was definitely a mix, there were times when I was beating quite a few players (most likely some fresh bloods) but there were those who beat the shit out of from either old skool or just pros.

Which game is getting the most rinsed?
Sadly SSFIV:AE from what I saw…as well as Gundam vs Gundam Next and a more recent game Border Break (another mecha arcade)

What is there to do in HK apart from arcades?
Shopping really, but there are some tourist places to check out.

What did you buy for yourself?
Got a NeoGeo Stick 2 (PS3), a few import games as well as some personal shopping.

Where do you live and where do you leave your spare key?
Not telling lol

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