KOF XIII: Interview with Mecha Trueno

Gunsmith: How did you feel about XIII?

I was very happy with it. The play style was a lot closer to classic KOF compared to XII.

How was it compared to 2002um (or any other KOF you’ve played)?

It shared similarities but not completely the same. The biggest issue I had with XII was how fwd + .C or .D executes far attack even when your standing close to the opponent, I’m very glad XIII took that out.

Any favourite characters (moves, graphics)?

The whole animation and fluidness was simply amazing. I loved the artwork on the winning screen.

What would you wish for in the console version?

On the whole its already really good, its just down to individual player preferences now. Off the top of my head, there are two things I’d like added…
1. It’ll be nice to have Mary included in the roster.
2. I always used Vice a lot, and I’d like it if she got more of her moves back.

How was the event (UCX) for you?

I had a fun time… really didn’t expect to stay that long. ^_^

Would you come again?

Definitely, hopefully within London so is easier for me to get to.

Which game are you interested in practicing now?

XIII… if only any of the London arcades had it. :(

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