Unlimited Faceoff 2002UM Full Results

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Unlimited Faceoff 2002UM Full Results

Now with all match footage!

In Round Robin, everyone plays each other:

Group A

Bata vs Tahar (W)

Kusogaki (W) vs Shinefist
(footage started too late)

Tahar (W) vs Kusogaki
(no footage)

Bata (W) vs Shinefist

Bata (W) vs Kusogaki

Tahar (W) vs Shinefist

Top 2 = Tahar (3) Bata (2)

Group B

Jerome vs Giga D (W)


Zero Niiro vs 7Ten (W)


Giga D (W) vs Zero Niiro


7Ten vs Jerome (W)


Giga D (W) vs 7Ten


Jerome (W) vs Zero Niiro


Top 2 = Giga D (3) Jerome (2)

Group C

Salim (W) vs ATB_555

ATB_555 (W) vs Robocop Two

Salim (W) vs Robocop Two

Top 2 = Salim (2) ATB_555 (1)

Group D

Shin Rickyo95 (W) vs Wolflink123 + Wolflink123 vs Hokuto (W)

Shin Rickyo vs Hokuto (W)

Top 2 = Hokuto (2) Shin Rickyo (1)

Add the top 2 from each group to make an 8 man elimination bracket:

Giga D vs Bata

Salim vs ShinRickyo95

Atb_555 vs Hokuto Youssef

Tahar vs Jerome

Semi Finals: Salim vs Bata

Semi Finals: Jerome vs Hokuto Youssef

Finals: Bata vs Jerome

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