Feb 6th Tournament Player List

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Feb 6th Tournament Player List

   FGC News ,   January 8, 2011  4 Comments

KOF 2002um Tournament

1. Bata
2. Salim
3. Tahar
4. Hokuto
5. Jerome
6. Giga D
7. ZeroNiiro
8. Kusogaki
9. RobocopTwo
10. Sendo
11. Atb_555
12. Shinefist
13. 1UP
14.Jericho MPM
15. Shin Rickyo95
16. wolflink123

Reserves: Gunsmith/MichelS

You should put your name down if you are interested because there are always no-shows on the day

XIII Beginners Tournament (Not allowed to compete if you have played XIII this year – 2011)

1. Robocop 2
2. Sendo
3. Atb555
4. Aion
5. MichelS
6. Gunsmith
7. ZeroNiiro
8. Lone Pilgrim
9. Giga D
10. Abdul Shaafi
11. Truepace
12. Sho Dragon
13. Shin Dragon
14. TKO Supa
15. RORY
16. Rayokarna

Reserves: Bata/wolflink123/ + Probably everyone from the 2002um Tourney – again it’s first come first served, so put your name down now please.

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