PS3 PSN KOF 94 Netcode First Performance Review

So far… not good.? However, the interface is of a high quality – the best yet from SNKP -? it will make everyone happy – (if the actual online play was any good) you can search for opponents based on ping/ language, you can change the screen resolution, and it’s a fun game, which you can play while waiting for match to be set up!

I would have said it was a simple game but KOF is very misleading… 3 hit combos ftw!

Still, we did buy this to satisfy three criteria: a) play KOF on the PS3 b) play online and c) support SNKP.? So far, it looks like b) isn’t going to met any time soon.? SNKP has my money now, I hope they can put it it good use to finally achieve a good netcode.? Did you know that Samurai Sen has an apparently GREAT netcode?? Shame nobody plays it.

Still more reports coming in so this isn’t the final word.? Some people have had good experiences. Here’s a video of one of my matches.? See if you can recognise the webmaster…


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