Arcadia Rankings [Jan 2011 Issue]

A decent month for SNKP in the Japanese arcades it seems if the Arcadia Rankings are to be believed.

KOFXIII has finally moved up into 5th place in the Arcadia Rankings for the first time, after hovering around 6 and 7 since it’s release in Japan’s arcades earlier this year.

Also after dissapearing for a couple of months KOF02UM has re-entered at 7th place, and only 8 points behind Arcana Heart 3.

With the NESiCAxLive re-releases of KOF02UM and KOF98UM:FE, we may see KOF taking up 3 spots on the Arcadia Rankings in the near future. 😀

Check out the other SNKP related bits and pieces from Arcadia this month (not much though unfortunately!) up on my blog.

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