SVB-20X KOF 2k2 UM Videos


This first one is a bit of a joke because I still figuring out how to use my HTC Desire properly – I had yet to find the digital zoom or brightness controls (which by the way is how I figured out how to film flickering CRT monitors/TVs – My DV Camcorder has a “theatre” mode for filming in the dark which basically increased light exposure bla bla fixed it). And then… DRAMATIC FINISH


Bata vs Tim119



I got more casuals coming soon from a DV cam, but PC is currently having a hissy fit :/

Check this post later, as with the other SVB posts, they will be edited and updated.

Some of the groups/quarter-finals/semi-finals/ can be found at Kuso’s channel:

Here’s one of Bata vs 1up. Watch out for the nasty far C bc cancel from Bata’s King!


Also featuring random ramblings from some Shermie fan in the background and er, not sure who shoves their face in at the end but it might just be Giga D!!!

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