Oogosho playing XIII!

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Oogosho playing XIII!

   FGC News ,   August 7, 2010  1 Comment

[quote=”Toxic Avanger”][youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UeJm0x0PaQM[/youtube]



For those that don’t know who Oogosho is, he is an old 98 player who is pretty well known over there (and one of the few that didn’t got beat up that badly on those Japan vs Taiwan or China thingies)…. He is kinda like Umehara as his game style is advanced, but still on the train thought of “stick to the basis of the game” and “for the win”.

Fatties > Life. xmad[/quote]

I remember Oogosho, and we have the Japan vs China videos somewhere.

It looks like he’s still new to the game and there are definitely traces of old skool mentality in his style.

But watch out for Raiden’s Drop Kick, LP, Drop Kick, DP P combo…!? You may want to read the Raiden threads at the forums as we’ve now learnt some important information about his drop kick…

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