KOF SkyStage Stage Rundown (Part 5)

After the Senkaiden Hoshin Engi-esque battle between the two of the most powerful Heavenly Kings of Orochi, Yashiro of the Parched Earth and Goenitz of the Wildly Blowing Wind, at the Mount Kunlun. You fly back to Japan and confront the Big Bad.

However, the Big Bad is found in…

The Strange Space

Wait, what? This is not “The Twilight Zone” is it?

We then fly to the Kagura Coliseum Ruins, the one destroyed by Goenitz in KOF ’96. There, as we fly around the stadium we are already greeted by our dear enemies.

Blue varieties of the Nukakayoi, red varieties of the Nukautata, regular and purple varieties of the Nukamukai, green varieties of the Nukaukabu, red varieties of the Nukamodori, Burning People (a.k.a. The Kakatama), which come in four flavors, Grape, Strawberry, Pineapple and Apple, Hahakibas, Hahadokus, Habahones, Habakawas, Kagachiguchi and Kagakoube

While you (and your buddy) are too busy shooting down enemies. Or you and your buddy kill each other in Competitive Mode at this stage. the Stadium slowly changes into a strange dimension. You are slowly sucked into the Strange Space.

As you you are going in to this dimension, there are more and more enemies trying to ambush you along the way. If you are playing the Competitive Mode in this game, this is a golden opportunity to pawn your rival. More enemies, more punishment for your rival.

Finally, you reach to the Strange Space, you are greeted to a familiar place. (Unless you are Kula Diamond… Since, well, she does not appear in this saga in KOF)

A stadium with a seal in the center and is surrounded with eight pillars. That’s Right, this is where you fought the Awakened Orochi Team in KOF ’97.

Then you are confronted by the remaining Heavenly King of Orochi…

Orochi Chris (or Chris of the Flame of Destiny)

The battle starts with him spamming his purple flames against you. He will just do his Daichi wo Haraugouka. When his MAX gauge is full. You must be careful at all costs, unless you are Athena, you can counter with a Psycho Teleport.

After the battle, before you can even celebrate your victory. Orochi Chris gloats about something. Assuming his “Other Self” is just warming up. Then he… changes… into… A One-winged Angel? *smacks someone with a giant paper fan*

This guy! Orochi itself

The real final battle begins…
He’ll just spam his Harae, his Honosusori and his Oomiwa, so be careful. Same can be said with his MAX Attack (Marukare). Good luck with this ultimate battle.

Once you beat Orochi…

You have cleared KOF SkyStage. Now enjoy your ending (depending on your character or your partners, if you are in Cooperative Mode) and watch the credits roll.

You’ll just realize that Mai is now voiced by Kallen Stadtfeld’s seiyuu (now all we need now is a picture of Mai and Kallen doing a symmetrical docking while shouting “NIPPON ICHI!”).

But, But, BUT!!!
If you fought like a true danmaku Master (to a degree that you cleared Mushihime-Sama Futari in Megalomaniac Difficulty). I like to quote the Real Bout Special Announcer…

“Well Done! You’ve Come a long way. But don’t rest on your laurels yet, the World of Roughness awaits…”

See you in the Epilogue…

Unintentional Plugging… Coming Soon at your PSPs near you…
An “Expansion” of KOF SkyStage…

NeoGeo Heroes Ultimate Shooting

Join the SkyStage Regulars, along with Marco Rossi (Metal Slug), Akari Ichijo (Last Blade), Iroha (Samurai Shodown) and the female A.S.O. pilot. to travel in various times to retrieve Dr. Brown’s (World Heroes) time machine and stop DAMD (the organization behind NEO DIO) from altering time.

This game features the NeoGeo Heroes game, Challenge Mode (featuring Survival and Subject Modes), SkyStage Mode (PSP port of the game I’m writing, this has game options this time) and a Museum Mode (image and music gallery).

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