KOF SkyStage Stage Rundown (Part 2)

Previously on KOF SkyStage Part 1, we discussed about what we just encountered in Japan. After subduing a “berserk” Athena Asamiya above a stadium. We fly from Japan, (In Osaka, Japan to be exact) Into U.S.A. (In Southtown)


Of course, while flying to Southtown, USA, you are talking about something, depending on your character or with your partner.

As we arrive in Southtown, we start at a train station with a torii-like structure in a train station. (Torii in USA?, weird). As we fly through the station, we encounter an ambush. Yes, there are more enemies that await you in here.

These are the Nukamawarus (again), Nukakayois (plain varieties from Stage 1), Nukamukais, Nukaukabu (nuka- here, nuka- there, nuka- everywhere), Green versions of the Burning People (or Nikakatamas) (Did Ash Crimson do it?), Hahakibas and Kagachidous (related to the Kagachime from Stage 1).

We fly from the Train Station, to some factories, to some village, to a bridge then into a city. (Sounds like the path to Geese Tower to me, railways, factories, village, bridges and a skyscraper). Dodging bullets, shooting them down, collect items and all.

Then we fly up to the top of the Geese Tower. Instead of Geese Howard, We get to fight…

The dark versions of…




and Iori

Then another boss fight begins. But whom you fight might have some random conditions.

Their dark counterparts dish out a stronger versions of Kyo and Iori’s attacks with a more powerful versions of the Orochinagi and the Ya Otome respectively as their Special Attack.

Once you expelled their dark counterparts, you proceed into Stage 3.

This might be the last rundown that tells the stage backgrounds since I do not know what is beyond Stage 3. Unless otherwise.

Well then, Off we go!!!

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