KOF SkyStage Stage Rundown (Part 1)

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KOF SkyStage Stage Rundown (Part 1)

   FGC News   February 4, 2010  2 Comments

With the recent updates of SNK Playmore’s KOF Themed Danmaku, KOF SkyStage. I might do a series of Stage Rundowns of this game, depending of the Updates.

Let’s Start off with, of course, Stage 1 (Japan Stage)


We are in the Osakan Skies Starting at SNKP’s Headquarters (LOL). There we battle various enemies such as the Nukamawarus, Purple Varieties of Nukakayoi, Kikakatama (or shall I say, Burning People!!!), Habashitas and the Kagachime.

You Burn (Kyo, Iori and Mai), Freeze (Kula) or? Blast (Athena and Terry) the enemies I mentioned above. From the buildings of Osaka to a Theme Park called NeoGeo Land to a park across the river and back to the city.

After these series of Bullet Dodging and Blasting them left and right, up and down, you end up above a Stadium where a concert is presumably taking place. Then, you meet Athena Asamiya.

b_index_athena_bossBrainwashed and Crazy by somebody? A Doppelganger? Or just plain mad. Even the Athena you are playing ends up fighting herself at this point.

She’ll blast you with everything she has with her Shining Crystals, hit you with her Psycho Sword and when she gets her Power Gauge to MAX, she’ll blast you with a Shining Crystal Shottimes 9.

Once the battle ended and defeated Athena… you can proceed to Stage 2…

Well, to be honest, I haven’t played this yet. I just posting this news update in a weird approach based from what I observed so far.

Someday, updates will happen again. And when that happens… I’m sure we’ll meet again.

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